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Low mood and depression are endemic, and on the increase, and the recession has further fuelled the need for the practical, down-to-earth advice provided in THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR.

Written by leading nutrition expert and mental health specialist Patrick Holford, it reveals highly effective methods to make a difference to how you feel – without the need for medical drugs. It includes lifestyle and life management techniques, as well as revealing the right foods to eat, and those to avoid, to help improve your mood dramatically.

This accessible approach is supported by substantial research, and backed up by poignant and motivating case histories. This includes those with major depression who failed to get better with conventional approaches and recovered completely on Holford’s regime. The book is supported by further in-depth analysis relating to mood and diet taken from Holford’s 100% Health survey, which was completed by over 55,000 people.

Amazon Customer Reviews :
This is an excellent book to improve your wellbeing, mood and motivation. Written in simple language for the layman Patrick Holford addresses issues with explanations and tells you how by changing your diet and lifestyle you can feel good with energy all day long. A must read for everyone, whether or not you feel you need this book. Young people may feel fine now, even with a lousy diet, but Patrick shows that this will not last and that disease begins with poor diet then escalates to worse issues like diabetes, heart disease and cancer as other body systems become affected.

Great book, very easy to read and makes perfect sense.
I would recommend everyone who is interested in improving his/her mood by simply changing a few eating patterns/habits to read this book.

I generally feel good anyway, but following a few advises for just two weeks I already feel better and even more positive then I did in a long time.

Go for it…

This book should be given the highest honors, the government need to read this and wake up to reality, Patrick Holford has found a safe and realiable way of living and loosing weight that is not dangerous or harmful in the long run.

Most diets fail to give you complete satisfaction, patrick’s method gives you the start, the middle and the forever after, if you are feeling down, stressed, burnt out, very moody, have sugar cravings, struggling to face the world, you NEED to read this book, you will not be strugging again and will actually feel in control of your life and your weight.

I have been struggling with sugar craving so much this year and have had very bad hayfever, through help and advice in the book and assistance from his team off his website, I DO NOT CRAVE SWEETS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! my hayfever has cleared and I feel refreshed, alive and at last now loosing the extra pounds that have been hanging around.

This is a must read for everybody, it is not just aimed for the overweight, its aimed to keep you healthy for life.

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